5% of all profits donated to good causes.

Our Commitment

We are committed to supporting good causes and charitable organisations who dedicate their time and energy on the things we care about. We will donate 5% of all of our profits to charities and causes dedicated to equality, climate change and disruptive technologies.

What do these causes mean?

Equality. The world as we know it does not offer equal opportunities for everyone. This needs to change. We want to support causes that empower everybody, and this covers better diversity and inclusion, gender equality across the world, support for an aging population and improved healthcare.

Climate change. We are living through a climate crisis, and unfortunately the majority of our leaders are not doing enough to prevent disaster and save our planet. We want to support causes that help with disaster relief, provide clean water to those who need it, and offer better solutions for renewable energy.

Disruptive technologies. For many, technology is changing rapidly whilst everyday jobs and livelihoods are falling behind. We want to support causes that offer more accessible digitalisation and better retraining for lost jobs to new technologies.

At the end of our financial year, we will publish our charitable donations for full transparency so you can see which causes you have helped to support.